PRESS RELEASE: Nature and Culture – Poetry Film Festival


Poetry and Nature go hand in hand:

Announcing “Nature and Culture – Poetry Film Festival”

Copenhagen, July 5, 2021

Kulturhuset Islands Brygge is glad to announce a new collaboration with The Poetic Phonotheque which aims to highlight the links between creative expressions and the important subjects of environment and climate, through a multimedia collection, a publication, and a series of events including a new film festival.

Nature an Culture – Poetry Film Festival is the result of this collaboration, being celebrated on November 21st and 28th, screening an official selection of documentaries, animations, experimental films, short films and poetry films which use a poetic language to discuss the current environmental viewpoints and humanity’s relationship with nature. The film festival will also be accompanied by a publication which includes screenshots, synopsis and other information of all of the films presented, as well as a selection of environmental poetry, sent from all over the world as part as an open call currently active online.

The Poetic Phonotheque is an initiative created in the beginning of the lockdown of 2019 by Red Door Magazine in Copenhagen, to bring poetry to every household free of charge, with the purpose of maintaining and enhancing community connections through poetry. The goal of this archive is also to document the current trends, thoughts, subjects and styles happening internationally and locally through the voices that experience our current world through poetry. Poets are encouraged to add their voice to the collection of the Phonotheque by recording it directly on the website where the whole collection can be enjoyed.

The general public is invited to follow Kulturhuset Islands Brygge’s website and social media, and to save the date of the festival, which will be screened virtually and onsite at:

Kulturhuset Islands Brygge – Islands Brygge 18, 2300, Copenhagen S, Denmark

Media inquiries can be sent to:


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See the collection:

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