Nature & Culture - International Poetry Film Festival is here!

And so, without further ado, and after months of great, poetic, hard work by the team at Kulturhuset, the judges, the Red Doorers and everyone participating in the festival, we’re here.

This Sunday, November 21, and also on Sunday November 28, we will be celebrating the 1st “Nature & Culture – International Poetry Film Festival” here in Copenhagen, at Kulturhuset Islands Brygge.

You can book your tickets, read the program, watch the trailer and even check out the digital version of the book here.

Did I say book? Yes indeed, a book has now been released, printed locally, in recycled paper, to celebrate the arrival of this festival, and what a beauty of a book!
With a cover and full-page illustrations by Leonardo Flores, which were also the official posters of the program, and illustrations by artist Rikke Winkler Nilsson who also created the visual identity of the book, as well as art by Rita Howis, whose original paintings are currently on exhibit both at Red Door and Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, plus tons of essays and environmental poems sent from all over the world, as well as the stills of all 128 films participating in this festival. Here’s a preview:

You can acquire a copy of the book, as well as limited edition posters of the festival, at the Red Door shop.

The newspaper Politiken has included the festival in today’s “5 poetic things to do in the city”, recommendations for the weekend, along with one of our banners, something which hopefully will invite an otherwise unknown audience to this FREE festival in the city:

5 tips for a poetic weekend – Politiken (weekend in the city, pg 13) Nov 19, 2021

And then there was also this interview I gave to Bryggebladet, the local newspaper of Islands Brygge, which totally captured the story, the purpose, and even some recommendations of their own:

If you are in the city, please book your FREE tickets here:

YES we need coronapasses, as does every venue in the city.
YES the books and posters, notebooks and other great merch is available on site… including the bookmarks of poems, which you can plant and watch poetry bloom! (marygold, dill and wildflowers).
YES there will be great wine tastings during the exhibition, a celebration for the book, and talks by directors, poets and composers.
And ooooh yesss please, EXTINCTION REBELLION will be giving a talk each Sunday as part of the programming.

Can’t join us in person? Scroll to the top of this page and check out the entire 128 films, divided by categories, absolutely free for you to enjoy the poetic language of creativity coming together to speak from all over the world of matters important to us and our planet.

Let the poetry bloom! Let it take over our world.


-Elizabeth Torres
(Festival Director & founder of the Poetic Phonotheque).

When poetry becomes the voice of reason

Nature & Culture – International Poetry Film Festival
takes over Islands Brygge this November

Sept 10, 2021 – Copenhagen – Performing arts and activism often go hand in hand, used as tools to deliver messages in need of their voices being represented. In this case, it isn’t a voice or a minority, but an entire planet that needs to be spoken for by those inhabiting it…
the main threading line being poetry in interdisciplinary media. That is the concept behind “Nature & Culture – International Poetry Film Festival”, an idea that began during early spring as a collaboration between Kulturhuset Islands Brygge and Red Door Gallery’s project
The Poetic Phonotheque, which since the beginning of the lockdown had been collecting the voices of poets from all over the world. Agreeing on the importance of centring the theme around conversations about climate, nature and environment, the open call was launched during the summer to bring together a diverse selection of voices from all over the world.

The festival received almost 300 films, from over 50 locations, such as Egypt, Kosovo, Argentina, Iraq, Taiwan, Australia, as well as many from Scandinavia. The official selection, made by lecturer Solveig Willum and artist Christina Jonsson, is divided into the genres of
Poetry Film, Animation, Short Film, Experimental, and Documentary, and will be screened at Kulturhuset Islands Brygge on Sunday, November 21 and on Sunday, November 28, from 13
to 20.

In order to provide an all-encompassing experience for the attending audience, the event includes an exhibition titled “Colors for Climate” by international artist Rita Howis, as well as a collaboration with Xtinction Rebellion who will do a talk on each day of the festival.
A series of posters were designed for the festival by Argentinian artist Leonardo Flores, which have been printed locally in recycled paper, as well as a book that documents all the participants of the project, illustrated by Danish artist Rikke Winkler Nilsson.

A number of the filmmakers will arrive to Copenhagen to talk about their productions as part of the program.
The general public is invited to follow Kulturhuset Islands Brygge’s website and social media, and to save the date of the festival, which will be screened virtually and onsite at:

Kulturhuset Islands Brygge – Islands Brygge 18, 2300, Copenhagen S, Denmark
November 21 & 28, 2021

Media inquiries can be sent to:
Elizabeth Torres (Director of Festival)-
See the collection:


With approximately 350 cultural events a year, including theater, concerts, dance,
communal dinners, comedy and everything in between, there is an experience for everyone
at Kulturhuset Islands Brygge.

Learn more at:

“Nature and Culture – Poetry Film Festival”
kommer til Kulturhuset Islands Brygge

Kulturhuset Islands Brygge er stolte over at kunne annoncere et nyt samarbejde vi har indgået med Det Poetiske Fonotek.

Samarbejdet skal via en
multimediesamling, en publikation og en række events sætte fokus på sammenhængen mellem kreativ udfoldelse og klimaudfordringer. Nature and Culture – Poetry Film
Festival, som løber af stablen i Kulturhuset Islands Brygge d. 21. november og d. 28. november, er resultatet af dette samarbejde.

På festivalen kan man opleve en udvalg af dokumentar-, kort-, animations-, eksperimental- og poesifilm. Fælles for de udvalgte film er, at de alle bruger poesiens sprog til at italesætte perspektiver på den aktuelle klimadebat og på vi menneskers forhold til naturen.
I tillæg til filmfestivalen udkommer også en bog, som indeholder stills, synopser og anden information om
filmene, som er repræsenteret på festivalen. Derudover vil bogen også indeholde et udvalg af miljø- og
klimapoesi fra bidragydere fra hele verden, som led i et aktivt open call på fonotekets hjemmeside.
Om Det Poetiske Fonotek Arkivet Det Poetiske Fonotek indeholder en samling af international multimediepoesi og er et initiativ skabt af Red Door Magazine i København. Projektet blev til under
corona-nedlukningen sidste år. Intentionen med arkivet
er at bringe poesi ud til folk i deres private hjem – kvit og frit. Formålet er også at dokumentere aktuelle trends, tanker og emner som rører sig internationalt og lokalt via
de stemmer, som oplever verden gennem poesien.

Initiativet er en opfordring til digtere og poeter til at
bidrage til fonotekets store kollektion. Det kan du gøre
ved at optage din stemme direkte på hjemmesiden Her kan man også udforske
hele den allerede betragtelige samling af bidrag.

Nature and Culture – Poetry Film Festival

Hvornår: 21. og 28. november

Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Islands Brygge 18, 2300
København S


Det Poetiske Fonotek:

PRESS RELEASE: Nature and Culture – Poetry Film Festival


Poetry and Nature go hand in hand:

Announcing “Nature and Culture – Poetry Film Festival”

Copenhagen, July 5, 2021

Kulturhuset Islands Brygge is glad to announce a new collaboration with The Poetic Phonotheque which aims to highlight the links between creative expressions and the important subjects of environment and climate, through a multimedia collection, a publication, and a series of events including a new film festival.

Nature an Culture – Poetry Film Festival is the result of this collaboration, being celebrated on November 21st and 28th, screening an official selection of documentaries, animations, experimental films, short films and poetry films which use a poetic language to discuss the current environmental viewpoints and humanity’s relationship with nature. The film festival will also be accompanied by a publication which includes screenshots, synopsis and other information of all of the films presented, as well as a selection of environmental poetry, sent from all over the world as part as an open call currently active online.

The Poetic Phonotheque is an initiative created in the beginning of the lockdown of 2019 by Red Door Magazine in Copenhagen, to bring poetry to every household free of charge, with the purpose of maintaining and enhancing community connections through poetry. The goal of this archive is also to document the current trends, thoughts, subjects and styles happening internationally and locally through the voices that experience our current world through poetry. Poets are encouraged to add their voice to the collection of the Phonotheque by recording it directly on the website where the whole collection can be enjoyed.

The general public is invited to follow Kulturhuset Islands Brygge’s website and social media, and to save the date of the festival, which will be screened virtually and onsite at:

Kulturhuset Islands Brygge – Islands Brygge 18, 2300, Copenhagen S, Denmark

Media inquiries can be sent to:


With approximately 350 cultural events a year, including theater, concerts, dance, communal dinners, comedy and everything in between, there is an experience for everyone at Kulturhuset Islands Brygge.

See the collection:

Learn more at:

See the festival’s open call:


Nature and Culture: International Poetry Film Festival

This fall, Copenhagen will enjoy its first almost fully unrestricted cultural autumn since the pandemic started. This means, we are returning to galleries, museums and concerts, and enjoying a time of outdoor life, friends and interactions we all have missed. Yeah, there’ll still be some requirements for everyone to be safe from the pandemic, but this is a great time for reconnecting through culture in the city.

Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, home of the Poetic Phonotheque, celebrates the occasion with its first ‘Nature and Culture: International Poetry Film Festival’, a screening of films on the subjects of nature, environement and culture, with a focus on poetry.

Now accepting video submissions for the festival:
Documentaries, animation, short films, experimental and poetry films are welcome to the open call for this festival. Submit yours today via FilmFreeway:

The selected films (and audio poems) received for the festival will be documented in a publication to celebrate the occasion, in the form of an anthology book. If you have any questions regarding this event, please write to

*Please remember that audio poems are always welcome, in any language, on any topic, to the collection by clicking on submit and recording your poem, but we are currently encouraging the submission of content connected to the theme of nature and environments.

The festival will be screened FREE to the public on the 21st and 28th of November at Kulturhuset Islands Brygge.