Nature & Culture – International Poetry Film Festival is here!

And so, without further ado, and after months of great, poetic, hard work by the team at Kulturhuset, the judges, the Red Doorers and everyone participating in the festival, we’re here.

This Sunday, November 21, and also on Sunday November 28, we will be celebrating the 1st “Nature & Culture – International Poetry Film Festival” here in Copenhagen, at Kulturhuset Islands Brygge.

You can book your tickets, read the program, watch the trailer and even check out the digital version of the book here.

Did I say book? Yes indeed, a book has now been released, printed locally, in recycled paper, to celebrate the arrival of this festival, and what a beauty of a book!
With a cover and full-page illustrations by Leonardo Flores, which were also the official posters of the program, and illustrations by artist Rikke Winkler Nilsson who also created the visual identity of the book, as well as art by Rita Howis, whose original paintings are currently on exhibit both at Red Door and Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, plus tons of essays and environmental poems sent from all over the world, as well as the stills of all 128 films participating in this festival. Here’s a preview:

You can acquire a copy of the book, as well as limited edition posters of the festival, at the Red Door shop.

The newspaper Politiken has included the festival in today’s “5 poetic things to do in the city”, recommendations for the weekend, along with one of our banners, something which hopefully will invite an otherwise unknown audience to this FREE festival in the city:

5 tips for a poetic weekend – Politiken (weekend in the city, pg 13) Nov 19, 2021

And then there was also this interview I gave to Bryggebladet, the local newspaper of Islands Brygge, which totally captured the story, the purpose, and even some recommendations of their own:

If you are in the city, please book your FREE tickets here:

YES we need coronapasses, as does every venue in the city.
YES the books and posters, notebooks and other great merch is available on site… including the bookmarks of poems, which you can plant and watch poetry bloom! (marygold, dill and wildflowers).
YES there will be great wine tastings during the exhibition, a celebration for the book, and talks by directors, poets and composers.
And ooooh yesss please, EXTINCTION REBELLION will be giving a talk each Sunday as part of the programming.

Can’t join us in person? Scroll to the top of this page and check out the entire 128 films, divided by categories, absolutely free for you to enjoy the poetic language of creativity coming together to speak from all over the world of matters important to us and our planet.

Let the poetry bloom! Let it take over our world.


-Elizabeth Torres
(Festival Director & founder of the Poetic Phonotheque).

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